IV Therapy Mesa, AZ


IMMUNITY – This IV package is great for those feeling a little run down and needing an immune boost! This package is filled with vitamin C, Zinc, and B Complex vitamins to give your immune system the jump start it needs to fight a cold. 

INNER BEAUTY – This IV package has amazing benefits for the hair, skin, and nails! This package is packed with vitamin C, B Complex vitamins, and tons a biotin for the best results!

MYERS COCKTAIL – This is the well-known and “go-to” IV therapy package! This vitamin filled package includes magnesium chloride, thiamine, B complex vitamins, calcium gluconate, and ascorbic acid! Good for a pick-me-up, immune boost, or just over-all health maintenance! 

REBOOT – Also known as the “hangover” IV. This IV package is great for those who had a little too much fun the night before 😊. This package is filled with B complex vitamins and Mineral blend vitamins used to help treat (and cure) hangovers as well as Zofran (medication used to help treat nausea)!

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