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Manual exfoliation of the outer layer of skin (epidermis) removes dead skin, debris, and fine vellus peach fuzz. This treatment leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth and is pregnancy safe and safe for those that are more sensitive to chemical exfoliation such as chemical peels. We can add this treatment on to any of our fantastic facials!

Chemical Peels


We offer a variety of medical grade peels which removes the epidermis for a healthier glow. These peels are used to refine acne lesions, reduce the appearance of fine lines, smooth your skin’s texture, and lessen hyperpigmentation.

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Here each facial is customizable to help treat your specific skin concerns. We use nothing but the highest quality medical grade products to ensure you will be happy with your results!

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Hydrating Facial  

A Hydrating Facial is great for someone who wants to combat any post-procedure dryness or someone with naturally dry skin. This facial will help restore any loss of moisture by rehydrating your skin and will improve the skin’s appearance. Leave looking glowy and healthy!

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Acne Facial

Acne is one of the most common skin conditions someone deals with on an everyday basis. Our acne facial will help diminish the appearance of acne and can prevent future breakouts while speeding up the healing process of active acne. You can expect to leave with a deep cleanse, unclogged pores, and less inflammation! Let us help you feel more confident in your skin and get your acne under control with this facial! 

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Brightening Facial

Our Brightening Facial is beneficial for someone who is looking to liven up dull skin, lighten hyperpigmentation or have an overall radiant complexion. We utilize medical grade vitamin C products that are targeted towards enhancing your skin’s natural beauty. Pair this facial with a dermaplane for an extra GLOW!

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